Risk Mapping

As some parts of the world don't follow strict legislations about working conditions, human rights and respect of the environment, it is important to be aware of the inherent risks associated with manufacturing in these countries.

This mapping will then allow us to create a specific plan to insure and promote ethical production and respect of the environment by your suppliers.

  • CSR risk can increase when an important volume of your company's supplies depend on a single supplier.

  • CSR risk can increase when an important part of your company's revenues depend on a single supplier. 

  • CSR risk can increase when your products are manufactured in societaly at-risk countries.  

Emissions to air, soil and water are taken into account in our risk mapping. Water treatment quality - a determining factor of water pollution - may also vary depending of the country of production.

A man dyeing fabrics in a polluted environment
Workers working to rescue victims of the Rana Plaza catastrophy

Our risk mapping also takes into account social issues such as human rights consideration, heath & safety at work, minimum wages and freedom of association.

Hazardous substances such as whitening agent or flame retardant are included in our risk mapping, as they can damage both workers and consumers health and the environment.

A man working with hazardous substances, without any protective equipment
United Nations conference

Our risk mapping indicators come from verified sources such as the International Labour Organisation, Judicial Watch and the UN.

Our Goal is to Lead You to a Sustainable Supply Chain Management

In an era where global supply chains are susceptible to varying standards, our Risk Mapping service empowers your company with data-driven insights.

By identifying regions with lax legislations, we enable you to proactively address potential pitfalls related to working conditions, human rights, and environmental impact. Our strategic approach goes beyond risk mitigation; it forms the foundation for a sustainable supply chain management.

Trust us to guide you towards ethical production, ensuring not only compliance but a positive impact on both society and the environment.

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