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Key player in CSR and sustainable business transformation in workwear

Yamana provides CSR advisory, compliance and strategy services to workwear organizations of all sizes.

Yamana's strategic ambition is to become the key player in CSR and sustainable business transformation in workwear.

Past and current projects

2023: Study of recycling potential for non-reusable textiles, ADEME. Active participation in the Ecobalyse "slack" for textiles-clothing.

2022: Update of the Fibre Citoyenne reference framework and extension to 9 areas of assessment action.
White Paper on "Measuring fashion" for the Fashion Green Hub, financed by ADEME.

2021 - 2023: Numerous LCAs for the professional clothing sector.

2019-2022: Feathers&Fibers project, recovery of comforters and pillows for spinning, plastics and and insulation for EcoMaison. Creation of a recycling channel for Enedis professional textiles and clothing.

2017-2018: "ID Fibres" project: Prefiguration study for a professional clothing recycling in Rhône Alpes, BPI

2016-2017: Auto-Tri, experimentation with Fibersort for a sorting collector, Eco-TLC

2015: Expertise for ADEME, Archimède project

2014-2016: Set-up, study and coordination of the Eco-TLC "Ecocharges" project, transferring
textile materials to the plastics industry.

2014: Feasibility study of a recycling channel for professional clothing in Hauts de France, France, Conseil Régional Hauts de France, ADEME

2012: Prefiguration study of an EPR channel for professional clothing, ADEME

2010 - 2011: Participation in the GEM / DDEN guide to responsible public procurement.

2010-2011: Creation and leadership of the inter-disciplinary "recycling and workwear" working group financed by industrial membership.

2006 - 2017: Support for numerous public and private purchasers in integrating environmental, social and safety criteria into public and private tenders (SNCF, La Poste Ministère de la Défense, ONF, Conseil Régional de Bretagne, Ville de Paris, Ville de Lille, Elior etc.)

2004 - 2023: Creation and development of Fibre Citoyenne: a CSR and continuous improvement program for the professional clothing sector.

Goals for 2024

As we are entering a new era of our existence, we use innovative solutions to assess CSR and help companies reach their sustainability goals.

Using tools such as our CSR platform and the power of AI, we want to allow workwear companies to monitor their environmental, social and societal impact.

Our vision is a world of transparency across actors of the industry, building trust and working together for a better future.

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