Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

We assess the environmental impact of your products. Our approach is based on the use of data supplied directly by your partners, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Display your product's environmental impact

Consumers are more inclined to ask about their purchases impact - thus resulting in a rising need for transparency and disclosure.

We use the ISO14041 norm to evaluate your product's environmental impact and display it on the garment's labels in order to fulfill this need.

Our LCA and LCA Certificate services are included in our "Impact" package.

  • Impact of raw materials is evaluated

  • Product's supply chain is modelized

  • Impact of logistics is evaluated

  • Impact of industrial processes is evaluated - including end of life

  • LCA Certificate is delivered for the analyzed product

We model the raw materials used in your products - as their impacts differ depending of the country of culture or country of production, the type of production - conventional or organic for natural fibres, with or without toxic solvents for artificial and synthetic ones

Two cotton flowers
Containers stacked next to a route

We gather precise data about your product's supply chain - including distances, means of transportation and type of vehicle.

We use your supplier's specific data, or aggregate multiple databases of processes when the information is not available - so we stay close to the real impact.

A yarn storage support for weaving
A metallic structure from an electric pole

Following the ISO14041 norm, we analyse the LCA's results to better understand where the impact comes from. We then set up a plan with actionable steps to help you provide indications to your suppliers and help them reduce their footprint.