Corporate Societal Responsability Assessment

Our assessment covers 9 areas of action to get a full overview of your CSR implementation.

Implementation of CSR in your organization
Mapping and monitoring of the value chain
Chemical control and risk management of hazardous substances
Emissions to air, water and soil
Waste management and biodiversity
Working Conditions
HR policies, workers rights and management ethics
Responsible Purchases
Suppliers management, duty of care and purchase policies
Human Rights
Respect of human rights by every supply chain actor
Responsible Production
Production policies to achieve a 'win-win' with suppliers
Fight against Corruption
Company policies and actions against corruption in all forms

Yamana CSR has developed the first social and environmental assessment platform tailored to your challenges. Far from being a simple reporting form, the reference system developed by Yamana is specific to your processes and evaluates your impact according to 9 areas of action.

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Yamana continuously updates its CSR assessment guidelines to keep up with the latest breakthroughs in the industry. Our sources are drawn from the most recent recommendations of NGOs, governments and specialized working groups.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Years after years, we assess your progress to implementing CSR in your company. Whether you start from scratch or have already set up solid CSR policies, we focus on evaluating your dynamic.

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We Don't Believe in Medals

Only concrete action matters. We advise you throughout the year on setting up actionnable steps and clear goals to attain sustainable improvement in your CSR. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers and experts will help you achieve those objectives by running tailored studies for you - to stay ahead of the competition.

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