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Because workwear deserves specialists, we aim at providing engineering-grade solutions
to help you reduce your environmental, social and societal impact since 1999

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Yamana Headquarters in Roubaix, historical town of the French textile industry


From product-oriented analysis to company-oriented assessment and regulatory management, we cover a wide range of services to support your reporting needs.

Our Customers are Key Players in the Sustainable Transformation of Society
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Mean increase in revenues
after CSR implementation [1]
Operating profits
affected by ESG strategy [2]
Companies subject
to CSRD disclosure from 2027 [3]

Sustainability is a Strategic Opportunity to the Textile Industry

Sustainability presents the biggest opportunity to the textile industry in 2023

BoF-McKinsey State of Fashion 2023 Survey

bof & mckinsey study

Generic vs. Workwear Specific CSR

As CSR implementation becomes mandatory, we firmly believe that workwear companies need to address deep changes relevant to their specific industry.


Workwear Specific

GhG emissions are evaluated on estimates on a global scope.
GhG are evaluated on products and processes that are specific to the workwear industry.
Assessments are supply-chain agnostic.
Assessments are different for each profession intervening in the workwear supply-chain.
Actionable plans are generic.
Actionable plans are tailored to industrial processus used in the workwear industry.